I’m speaking task


CHINTIA DEWI                  :11510007       :CUSTOMER 1

CUCU NURAIDA                :11510009       :SELLER

MELLIANA HANIFA         :11510024       :CUSTOMER 2


“Going Shop a Dress”


Cucu                : Welcome to the diamond boutique, can I help you?

Melli                : Yes, we want to see the dresses here

Cici                  : Yes we really want to see them, maybe we’ll buy it if interested.

Cucu                : Oh so … please, the dresses here are the latest model and of course limited.

Cici                  : Mmm … sounds interesting, may I know where the dresses are?

Cucu                : Follow me, please.here it is, you can simply pick one you fancy.

Melli                : Oh yes, do you have a black one for this dress?

Cucu                : Of course there is, I’ll get it, please wait a moment.

Melli                : How much is this dress, lady?

Cucu                : This dress is Rp. 300 000,-00

Melli                : Ok, I’ll take this dress

Cucu                : Ok

Cici                  : Hmm, Do you have anything nice for an occasion in the evening?

Cucu                : Oh … for evening dress, how about this one?

Cici                  : Mmm, the color seems less appropriate, any other color?

Cucu                : Mmm, there are, I’ll get them for you.

Cici                  : Ok alright

Cucu                : What about the brown and blue?

Cici                  : It looks like I’ll take the brown one, how much is it?

Cucu                : Please, the price is Rp. 400 000,-00

Cici                  : Ok, I’ll juts take this one and wrap it nicely, please.

Cucu                : Yes, all right.

Cici and Melli  : Thank you

Cucu                : You are welcome, do not forget to come back again


(may be useful for those who read these texts) 🙂

semoga bermanfaat bagi yang membaca teks ini !!!” 🙂


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