I heard about a mental hospital and invited by my friend to go there. Honestly, I was scared but I push myself. The first time I came to the hospital, I was very afraid to meet the patients, the second time I was afraid to meet and talk to the patients. Luckily, it just simply driven my friends meet their mothers.

The third time I came to the hospital, I had a mission to share with the patients. That was one of the tasks from the organization that have be done by the young members in order to become a full member. We, as the young members, made a small committee in the hospital. But there were just a chairman, a secretary, a treasurer and public relations. We designed a few games and selected four of them to be played, there were guessing the word, communication word, bringing water, and turning over the carpet.

There were 12 participants and divided into 3 squads which each group had 4 persons, in the third meeting I was tensed and still afraid, but eventually I shaked hand well with 2 2 patients. Then the fourth time I carried out to held an outbound with the patients. There I became an MC and gave them directions. Initially I was tensed, fear, and afraid of meeting them, but all then disappeared at once. I enjoyed playing with them, started from giving examples, providing referrals, and dancing with them. They were very happy with the games that made it easier to be played. Moreover, when they brought the water they were excited to be the winner of the game, this experience is an experience which I can’t forget for a lifetime this is the first experience of playing alongside a mental illness patient. The experience was very valuable in addition was a new experience, we gained new knowledges. I’m sure a lot of people are fear of the name crazy including me at first. But you should know that the insane are also their differences are just their distracted soul, but hey can still interact, maybe a lot of people are afraid of those people because they thought that those people liked to say anything haphazardly, do something unpredictable. Those are true but they do that when the depressing things come to them. If they act like that, don’t serve them, left them. They act like that, like children, they do anything they want according to their moods. So, when we played outbound with them, there was patients who were not in the mood they done whatever they want and when they got bored they’ll stop their activity, but fortunately there was just a patient who acted like that, and we can handle them.



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